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Mr. Dax J. Blake, P.E.

Dax Blake, P.E.

After earning his Bachelors from Ohio University (1996) and Masters Degree from The Ohio State University (1998) in Civil Engineering, Mr. Blake has devoted his career to the design and management of public utility related projects including water and wastewater. This included working as an engineering consultant in private practice for many communities in the region, as well as his current engineering and management responsibilities with the City of Columbus. He was an instrumental contributor to the City’s current Wet Weather Management Plan from the moment it was conceived. His continuing involvement in this current $2.5 billion program has made his current position, that of the engineer responsible for making it happen, very rewarding.

Mr. Blake is an example of an engineer who has concentrated his knowledge and skills to better his community and the national water resources system, and has done it in just 10 years since his graduation from the Ohio State University, College of Engineering.

Mr. Blake’s position at the City of Columbus as Administrator of the Division of Sewerage and Drainage has many facets, and involves a continuing challenge in solving engineering and construction problems and managing the efficient operation of the City’s huge investment in assuring clean water in our streams. Some critical responsibilities are:

• Management of the entire Division of Sewerage and Drainage including two wastewater treatment plants, compost facility, sewer maintenance operation center, pretreatment program, stormwater regulatory compliance, and all engineering functions.

• Responsible for developing and implementing the Division’s goals within the Department’s strategic plan which is built upon the Mayor’s covenant.

• Developing and implementing the Division’s capital improvement program including current construction totaling $2.5 billion to carry out the City’s extensive Wet Weather Management Plan, and leading into long term programs to invest up to $5.5 billion over the next 40 years.

• Reviewing and approving all legislation for the division.

• Lead Department of Public Utilities coordinator for projects initiated by Mayor Coleman such as developing a joint program between Public Utilities and the Transportation Division to build sidewalks near parks and schools.